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Austin Newz

In the year 2009, Austin Newz was born in Austin Texas and was just going to come into Austin, Texas for a couple of years. Then one year turned into two and well the rest is history. Ten plus years is how long Austin Newz has been serving and been an important part of our community and our country the United States of America. Austin Newz provides neutral journalism, making sure that despite how we may feel we keep it neutral for you our viewers. In December 2019 due to finances Austin Newz went off the air offline, Austin Newz closed. People continued to volunteer with Austin Newz the works continued unofficially. The discussion was that if Austin Newz came back with advertisers and investors we would always be told, “no you cannot publish that or take that off because we cannot be associated with you because that hurts our business”. The difficult decision was made that Austin Newz would come back in 2020 with no advertisers and/or investors to threaten to pull money and run. All work for Austin Newz and at Austin Newz is done on a voluntary basis. Everyone yes everyone at Austin Newz is a volunteer. Austin Newz does hours, days, weeks, months of research analyze write without getting a paycheck. After working a day job or a night job the people of Austin Newz despite being tired still put in hours to cover a story. Therefore, Austin Newz has no need for investors, sponsors and/or advertisers to keep Austin Newz going. Neutral Journalism is the top priority at Austin Newz.

Nancy as the Editor of Austin Newz, can guarantee that what is put online is neutral unbiased, no taking sides just producing the facts and letting you decide. Austin Newz has always been respected for neutral journalism published. Austin Newz prides itself in neutral journalism. Has Austin Newz ever leveraged with a story to get something done? The answer is Yes. As previously stated Austin Newz has been serving our community and serving our country the United States of America since the year 2009.

Austin Newz has sparked to kindle hope and ignite care among all generation of people and leaders not only in the United States of America but all over the world. Nancy as Editor of Austin Newz is absolutely committed to motivating all generations to be participants and care about the news that affect us all. Introducing audiences every day to accept we are all a part of this community, this country the United States of America and the news ….. therefore, strive for success to ensure a tomorrow.

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