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Hi, my name is Nancy, and as the Editor of Austin Newz it is my priority to read your message. If you have some insight, if you have a news tip or just want to send a message to say hi, then send your message. If you are going to send a tip on a story then I need to remind you that not all stories are put online or exposed. As stated in the About Section, you will read that Austin Newz does sometimes leverage with a story to get some done. Austin Newz has been serving our country, the USA since the year 2009.

Remember we are different individuals and it is absolutely ok to “agree to disagree” on a topic or situation. Sometimes, it is necessary and we just have to say, “i agree to disagree with you”. That is exactly what is going on, two individuals not about to agree regardless, therefore acknowledge and move on.

Hey, if you don’t want to put your name in the required message field then put the name of your cat, dog, etc. Stay Cool and Stay Blessed. Love Nancy


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